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Primus inter pares

I.M. Sechenov First MSMU opened a training course of the World Health Organization (WHO) on prevention of the non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

I.M. Sechenov First MSMU opened a training course of the World Health Organization (WHO) on prevention of the non-communicable diseases (NCDs)      The First MSMU held an opening ceremony of the WHO training course on prevention & control of the NCDs in the Russian Federation on 22 November, 2016.
     Firstly, the Vice-Rector for University Clinics V. Fomin welcomed the audience on behalf of the Rector of the University, a member of the Russian Academic Sciences P. Glybochko. V. Fomin expressed his appreciation for the Ministry of Healthcare support: “Development and implementation of our educational programs in cooperation with the WHO is one of the priorities at the First MSMU.”

List of the opening ceremony participants:
-R. Khalfin, the Director of the Higher School of Healthcare Management, Institute for Healthcare Management and Leadership
-E. Kakorina, the Director of the Department for monitoring, analysis and strategic development at the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
She took the greetings from the Russian Minister of Healthcare (V. Skvortsova) to all participants of the course. E. Kakorina looked forward that the professional skills acquired during the course would help in the creation of the global preventive space to reduce morbidity, mortality and disability rates.
-G. Nikogosyan, the Special Representative of the World Health Organization’s Director-General in Russia
He paid attention to the new members of the training course – the representatives from the Russian regions who would design strategy to fight NCDs.
- J. Farrington, the Acting Head of the project for geographically dispersed office of WHO for NCDs in Moscow, WHO Regional office for Europe
- V. Madyanova, the Deputy Director of the Higher school of Health Management
     The aim of the training course is to provide support to the heads of the Russian policymakers in the prevention & control of the NCDs and cross-sectoral cooperation in Healthcare and other areas in accordance with the international recommendations.
   After the official opening ceremony E. Kakorina came out with a lecture “The situation with the NCDs in the various regions of the Russian Federation”.
WHO Collaborating Centers – The Course Contributors:
-The center for training of policy-makers on the fight against the NCDs(The First MSMU Higher School of Healthcare Management since 2015)
-  The center for the policy development on the NCD prevention ( The National Research Centre for Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of the Healthcare of the Russian Federation)