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Primus inter pares

Center for Research Career as a platform for the international cooperation between the students

Center for Research Career as a platform for the international cooperation between the students The First MSMU R. M. Fronshtein Clinic of Urology under the framework of the Center for Research Career (the Head — Professor O. Morozova) held a webinar with the winners of the 27th European students' Conference (Berlin, September 2016) on 16 December, 2016. N. Sushentsov, a coordinator of the team leaders at the Center for Research Career, welcomed the audience. He noted the exceptional importance of the international communications for successful implementation of the future research. The first webinar participant was Johanna Seitz, a 6th year student of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitдt Mьnchen. She shared the results of her scientific research «Using diffusion imaging to explore the anatomic nature of early course schizophrenia», which was carried out at the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory (Harvard Medical School). Johanna had valued the heterogeneity of the white and gray matter in the various brain regions of patients with the early manifestations of schizophrenia. Christopher Storm Larsen, a 6th year student of the University of Oslo, came out with the research project «The Gut microbiota and inflammation in HIV». Christopher had identified the regularities between the translating microbiota composition and the nature of the long-term effects of invasion. Both performances aroused a great interest of the audience. In addition, Johanna and Christopher told the students about their way to science. Johanna pointed out that it’s necessary to be persistent and ignore the social evaluation of the selected scientific subjects. Christopher also shared the features of a medical education in Norway. Mr. Jonathan McFarland, the Head of the Academic Writing Office at the First MSMU, joined the discussion at the end of the webinar. He thanked the students for the participation and expressed hope that such events would become a tradition of the Center for Research Career. The students also thanked each other for the informative conversation and expressed a sincere interest in the future scientific cooperation.