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Primus inter pares

Medicine of the Future: Healthcare and technologies

Medicine of the Future: Healthcare and technologies The 3rd Annual Summit of the European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT-Industry was held in Brussels on 8 December, 2016. The main task of the coordination Committee is to develop common approaches to the development of the digital healthcare in Europe.
This year the Summit was held under the framework of the European Summit on “Digital innovation for active and healthy ageing” and was dedicated to digital innovation in medicine.
The participants shared views on the use of modern digital technologies in healthcare, research and development of the new algorithms and their integration into clinical practice; legal, ethical and technical aspects of clinical practice to ensure a patient-centric approaches and the improvement of public health.
It’s agreed that the First MSMU would be included in work on the Project Coordination Committee and integrated in the Healthcare IT-Industry at the international level.