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Primus inter pares
Produced by First MSMU: The best innovation project at Archimedes 2016

April 1. Congress and Exhibition Center Sokolniki summarizes XIX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies Archimedes 2016 featuring the First MSMU designs since 2005.

Universal Web Manual for entrants

Brand new website has just been launched for those, who wish to get higher education in the Project 5-100 participating universities. The occasion has been, quite frankly, long-awaited, as there was no any guide for entrants on the opportunities offered by Russian universities, which are meant to become soon the leaders of higher education on a global scale.

Fundamental Study Library: Our Armoured Train

Sechenov First MSMU has just finally got the cutting-edge library facility, located in fully renovated building within the Moscow Golden Mile, 37/1 Zubovsky Boulevard. Advanced comfort, subject departments, solitary reading rooms, digital hi-tech making the venue, which is not a bit inferior to European best practices, a model for all medical universities throughout the RF.

The natural cross-relativity gets its way

The All-Russian Open Internet Olympiad in ENGLISH for medical students organized by Sechenov First MSMU, Ural State Medical University and Voyno-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University started on February 10. The event turned out to be perfectly unprecedented even in terms of number of contestants – 278 seekers from Russia, Slovakia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Poland had applied for participation.

The First Steps in Dentistry 2016 announces the winners

The IV Student Open Olympiad on propaedeutics of dental diseases The First Steps in Dentistry 2016 patronized by the University chair of the same name was held on March 25 at the Sechenov First MSMU Faculty of Dentistry.

The branded Sechenov First MSMU hospitality on the Welcome Days

March 25. The amphitheatre of Preventive Medicine Faculty was hardly capable of accommodating the college entrants to be with their parents in front of Admission Committee officers, deans and professors.

Doping gathers together

March 2, 2016. Sechenov First MSMU organized the Discussion Club session on so called “Mildronat issues”. Leading Russian experts of medical and pharmacy community, and also competent federal officials discussed the medical aspects of recent fierce doping scandal.

Good job against the solid background

The Sechenov First MSMU Roadmap was highly appreciated by the experts of the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers at the session held on March 18-19 in Moscow.

Welcome aboard, it's time to go!

As is generally known, on March 18, 2016 Sechenov First MSMU successfully passed the “Roadmap exam” within Project 5-100. The pleasant outcome of the event is the Ministry of Education action grant for implementation of the FMSMU segment of the academic excellence program throughout 2016.

The global scandal: medicine to doping!

On March 22 at 16.00 Sechenov First MSMU is holding its Discussion Club session on the most burning issue on the interface of sports, politics and pharmacy “Doping scandal. Mildronat”.

First MSMU has just defended triumphantly the Roadmap in the course of all-Russian academic excellence Project 5-100

March 18, 2016. The meeting of the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers examined the Roadmaps of the universities selected for participation in the Project 5-100.

The output of Sechenov First MSMU urologists is appreciated internationally

During March 11-15 the European Society of Urology (EAU) Annual Congress was held in Munich, Germany. This conference is one of the most important events of the global urologist community.

The World Sleep Day tribute

This year World Sleep Day is being observed around the clock under the motto GOOD SLEEP IS A REACHABLE DREAM. Actually, the Sechenov First MSMU scientific community accumulated huge data warehouse enabling the insight into the organic processes accompanying the sleep to deliver fundamental recommendations helping to improve the human sleep.

The experts shortlist is approved

The enlarged meeting of the Academic Council of Sechenov First MSMU approved the shortlist of international scientists to be featuring in the International Expert Council established to promote the advance of FMSMU for global educational and R&D leadership within Project 5-100.

The First MSMU Collegiate Saturdays in Baku are becoming haunted

Just alike Russian senior schoolchildren, Azerbaijan teenagers also don’t mind some expert assistance in choosing their future profession. Since 2015 the local school graduates can apply for admission to the Baku Office of Sechenov First MSMU.

The lectures of Austrian professor were really captivating

On March 4 and 11 at the Department of Normal Physiology hosted a regular mini-course of open lectures by Professor Walter Kofler (Innsbruck, Austria) organized upon the initiative of Dean’s Office for International Students. The appearances were addressed to applied aspects of the Extended View Theory that considers an individual as a kind of eco-bio-psycho-social being.

The cooperation agreement with University of Rome Tor Vergata is finally signed

On March 6-8 the Russian delegation headed by Prof. I. V. Rechetov, director of Plastic Surgery Institute under Sechenov First MSMU visited University of Rome Tor Vergata.

New renal tumor molecular marker is detected

The January issue of Tumor Biology Journal contains the joint research report by Moscow State University, Sechenov First MSMU and Ludwig-Maximilians-University (Munich, Germany) on renal cell carcinoma, which is the ninth most common cancer with an increasing occurrence and mortality. 

Tracing the connection between age-related sleep changes and neurodegeneration

The international scientific journal Current Aging Science has released the work by First MSMU scientists Elena A. Lyashenko, Michael G. Poluektov, Oleg S. Levin and Polina V. Pchelina.  

Future doctors polish communication skills

The two-day workshop on interpersonal communication psychology "Communication in the professional and personal environment" was presented by international experts at Sechenov First MSMU on March 9-10. It was traditionally organized by the Medical Psychology and Pedagogics Chair and supervised by Prof. Nadezhda Tvorogova.


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