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Primus inter pares
San Diego welcomes the Sechenov First MSMU leading urologists

First MSMU team took part in the Congress of the American Urological Association (AUA2016_Meeting). The global urological society discussed the latest points targeting the vector for the next year.

Sechenov Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz 2016 is still roaring

On April 29, 2016, the Physiology Department of Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University held the first Sechenov Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz 2016.

Chair Head is not a Cheerleader

The Department Head 2020 and The Dean of the Future are the brand new career opportunities!
The First MSMU Human Resources challenges ambitious and enterprising employees to try their hand in the strategic professional development programs Department Head 2020 and Dean of the Future.

First Med and RVC have entered into crucial Agreement

April 22 the Russian Venture Company and Sechenov First MSMU concluded a cooperation agreement and signed a road map for implementation activities during 2016-2018.

KVN session – a step away from appreciation

KVN* is a game where humor and ingenuity are not the only things determining the winner. The plain luck is also the matter of great importance. …Or lack of it. Sad to say, but that evening our guys failed to catch a bit of fortune to strut their stuff as quarter-finalists of the Moscow League championship.

The inquisitive Seven

Since this March, the batch of seven students from Harbin Medical University has trained at Sechenov First MSMU. These Chinese doctors to be attend the 5-year key cycles at General Medicine Faculty in the English-speaking groups. In addition to basic clinical disciplines, these students are passing the crash course in Russian, while dipping into Moscow cultural life and the activities of our collegiate community.

The medicine party in the RUSADA Supervisory Board is represented by the First MSMU staffman

April 13, 2016, Moscow. At the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) it was unveiled that the only representative of the medical community, Head of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair at Sechenov First MSMU Prof. Eugeny Achkasov, is introduced upon the recommendation of the Russian League of Nation's Health.

The massive rectors’ mission to First MSMU

April 13, Federal Methodological Center for Accreditation under First MSMU has taken a chance of practicing the hospitality skills by welcoming the Moscow Rectors Council. The main point was to discuss the advanced concepts of medical education, that’s why the meeting was attended by the Moscow Minister of Education Isaac Kallina, representing the senior partner in successfully implemented First MSMU joint project called Moscow Medical School Class.

The Alumni Association is gaining momentum

On April 12 the History of Medicine Museum turned into field headquarters of the First Med alumni movement. Somehow buzzing discussion on further prospects of the Association proved: there are no anyone indifferent towards the current collegiate matters.

Elsevier Day: learning to design hi-rate research papers

April 12 has passed for young researchers, graduate students, research workers, students of the First Steps in Science school headed by prof. Morozova, as well as for all concerned university staff in day-long workshopping on “Elsevier information resources for preparation of competitive scientific publications”.

The first swallows over another row to hoe

The Rector's School of Excellence project has been launched three years ago, and it works. Henceforth, surgery, therapeutics, obstetrics and gynaecology directions are reinforced with the School of Pain Management, which is acknowledged as an independent branch of clinical practice.

By the new academic year the University will have got a fairly cutting-edge confernce venue

Refurbished meeting rooms, up-to-date reception and showcase area… The brand new University project is based upon the latest IT and layout solutions.

The Sechenov First MSMU hostels are about to become the best

Sometimes they say: those, who haven’t ever lived in the dormitory, have not been the genuine students at all. It is the environment, where yesterday's school people are becoming true adults, let along useful routine skills, group dynamics, prioritization of activities, making lifelong friends or fleeting romances… 

Our volunteer students came to amuse little patients on April Fool's Day

The Sechenov First MSMU volunteers made a perfect splash of never-ending bright and cheerful laughter feast for infant patients of Scientific Center for Children's Health (SCCH).

Welcome Day at the First MSMU Precollege

April 10. The Precollege (Educational Programs Center) building admitted prospective students and their parents. Despite the rainy weather and weekend day the site was virtually crowded. Over 400 Moscow senior school people, together with their mothers and fathers, attended the Welcome Day.

The Supreme Assize in the Library

The regular Academic Council of Sechenov First MSMU on April 4 was a kind of “field meeting”. The pundits enjoyed it in the newly renovated building of Fundamental Study Library (FSL) at Zubovsky Boulevard.

Feeling the urge to join the First MSMU staff faculty? Just become a PhD!

As soon as Sechenov First MSMU plunged into 5-100, the significance of internationally certified faculty and research staff grows dramatically. The Associate Professor of Pathophysiology Chair Ivan Budnik ranked not only as Russian candidate of medical sciences, but also as PhD (Philosophiæ Doctor) is one of FMSMU employees having international academic experience.

Gold Medskill: checked clinically

Sechenov First MSMU have just summarized the Gold Medskill contest under WorldSkills Russia*, which was a perfect hit on April 4. This event is held annually, so the students and tutors of medical schools, as well as the medical community to wide extent are becoming naturally impatient while waiting for the occasion.

Harbin Medical University appreciates the way we do it

April 4, 2016. The Chinese delegation, led by the rector of Harbin Medical University Yang Baofeng, being on working visit to Moscow, opened the Gold MedSkill 2016 professional excellence contest at Sechenov First MSMU.

Sechenov First MSMU is back online with the webinar on the adaptive sports

The session was organized by the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair, headed by prof. E. Achkasov, together with non-governmental organization Perspektiva and MegaFon PJSC within the project “Sporting together. For real!” The international webinar on sports for the disabled and development of para-Ready for Labour and Defence (para-RLD) system brought together the representatives from 37 regions of Russia, and also from Kazakhstan and Latvia, more than 160 people all in all.


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