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Primus inter pares

Research & Innovation

First MSMU in World Medical Science
Since its foundation the Frist MSMU has always taken an active part in the World medical science. We have a distinguished history of medical research. The diversity of interests in our University provides a breadth of research expertise. Currently the MSMU provides a central focus for research and education to advance knowledge in increasingly important areas of healthcare and attempts to create opportunities for young enthusiastic researchers to rise and develop their ideas.

Research activities of the First MSMU are split into 37 basic directions which are defined by the innovative and socially significant priorities.

More than 20 inventions are registered by the staff of the First MSMU annually, 85% of the academic staff have scientific degrees and 40% of the members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) are professors of First MSMU.

Every year our University holds several scientific conferences with international participation, for more information please visit:

Entering the 21st Century
As we enter the new millennia, the nature of healthcare is shifting dramatically and with the shift the new age comes with new demands. Thus in order to present the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of medical education, including future trends many exciting developments occurred in the First MSMU.

In order to deal more efficiently with the contemporary acute issues in healthcare four new Research Institutes were established:

  • RI of Molecular Medicine (2000)
  • RI of Pharmaceutics (2001)
  • RI of Public Health and Healthcare Management (2002)
  • RI of Medical Sociology, Healthcare Economics and Medical Insurance (2011)

In accordance with it’s traditions in an attempt to close the forming gap between science and business the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU Science Park established.

In addition to the developments in the field of medical education and science the First MSMU has broadened it’s international activity and is currently actively establishing mutually beneficial partnership relations with medical schools all over the world.

Now more than 140 specialists of the University are members of one or more foreign and international scientific and professional societies, organizations and associations. The University frequently commanders abroad around 200 members of it’s staff and students for various purposes. Annually, more than 100 people take part in more than 60 major international forums.