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Primus inter pares

RI of Pharmacy

The Research Institute of pharmacy was established in 2001, it carries out its activities in cooperation with the institutions, faculties and departments of the University and its clinics, performs with them collaborative research, and participates in the educational process at the University.

Main areas of research:

  • Development of scientific foundations for organizing the functioning of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Development of the basic principles of pharmaceutical research in establishing a manufacture of medicines.
  • Research to develop innovative technologies for medicine production.
  • Development of requirements for the creation and standardization of medical drugs based on nanotechnology.
  • Research on the standardization of general pharmacopoeial analytical methods.
  • Research on standardization of dosage forms.
  • Research on the standardization of medicinal plants, herbal medicines, including homeopathic ones.
  • Research on standardization of excipients.
  • Development of scientific and methodological principles of pharmacoeconomic and pharmacoepidemiological studies.
  • Pharmacoeconomic studies of drugs used for the treatment of of socially significant diseases.

The results of the research conducted by the staff at the Institute of Pharmacy is published in monographs, textbooks and the following magazines: "Pharmacy", "New Pharmacy", "Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal", "Bulletin of Voronezh State University," "Pharmaceutical industry", "Bulletin of the Scientific Center of Medical Products "," Pharmacoeconomics ", etc.

The Institute of Pharmacy holds annual scientific conferences and scientific seminars on topical issues of technology, standardization, production and pharmacoeconomics of medicines, with the participation of students, researchers, companies specialized in the manufacture of medicines and the regulatory authorities.

Laboratories of the RI of Pharmacy:

  • Laboratory of medicines technologies
  • Laboratory of pharmacognosy
  • Laboratory of pharmacopoeias
  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Laboratory of pharmacoeconomics