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Primus inter pares

    Laboratory of Pharmacognosy

    The laboratory conducts research on the biological characteristics and chemical composition of medicinal plants and medicinal plant materials in order to identify diagnostic markers and signs for the standardization of herbal medicines including homeopathic medicines using modern physico-chemical methods.

    The main areas of research:

    • Conducting of applied scientific research aimed at solving pressing problems of pharmacognosy and the homeopathic pharmacy and closely linking it to the educational process.
    • Botanical and Pharmacological diagnostic (morphological and anatomical) study of medicinal plants and medicinal plant raw material to identify the diagnostic features.
    • Studies of the issues of taxonomy, geography and environmental phytocenotic affinity of medicinal plants.
    • The study of the chemical composition of medicinal plant raw material and identification of markers to distinguish it.
    • Investigations on the standardization of medical allopathic and homeopathic medicinal plant treatments.
    • Development of scientific and methodological basis for the creation of solid forms of plant extracts based medicines.