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The first medical forum "University research. Innovations" took place at the Sechenov First MSMU

img_7092.jpgThe first medical forum "University Research. Innovations" took place at the Sechenov First MSMU on December 3-4, 2015. It brought together young and recognized researchers from all medical and many classical universities of the country, representatives of business and public authorities.
In a slightly different format Forum is held since 2013, but the innovative trend in medicine (the course being laid in 2015) made it possible to welcome a record number of participants and guests. Around 2,500 people from the majority of Russia’s regions and 15 foreign countries during two days were sharing their experience in challenging the development of medical science, pharmacy and import substitution.

The final stages of several important competitions of research works including "University Research Relay" were performed within the Forum. During press-conference at the closing ceremony Petr Glybochko, a rector of the First MSMU said:
- Of the 199 qualified "University Research Relay" projects we have selected 50, which will receive state support for further research to find solutions for medical science development. The cluster "Medical industry, new chemistry and biotech", which we have presented at the Forum, is an example of such cooperation.

The Voronezh State Medical University named after N. Burdenko (rector Prof. Esaulenko I.E.) will become a venue for the “University Research. Innovations” finals in 2016.


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